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February Writing Challenge

This month I come to you with a writing challenge. Last time the rules included objects that I provided for you. This time, however, the writing challenge is about tropes. I think we all probably have at least one trope that we don’t enjoy reading or writing as much as others. I know for myself, there are several tropes that I truly dislike.

For example, I don’t like stories where the protagonist falls for her bully. I particularly don’t enjoy it when the protagonist leaves the hometown only to return “new and improved” with a haughty attitude just to get some sort of revenge. The trope in general doesn’t sit right with me. This isn’t to say works that include this trope are bad—I personally just don’t enjoy them.

So why am I talking about tropes we dislike? We’re going to write one. I’m not going to provide any specific tropes for you to choose from as this is more of a personal exercise for you. I want you to choose a trope that you don’t like and add a twist to make it unique. This can be a painful process; I know it has been for me when I’ve tried in the past.

I wish you luck on your journey of writing a trope you dislike, and hope that your work turns out well. Remember: this is supposed to be a fun activity so have some fun, and don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t turn out to be what you expected or wanted.

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