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Kailian Blohm

Founder, Administrator, and Contributor

At 13, Kailian self-published her debut historical fiction novel under a pen name. Three years later, she invites you to join English Pursuits as a reader or writer, or just to follow English Pursuits' aspirations. Kailian also enjoys classical poetry and plays the violin and piano.

Elyssa Mae


Elyssa developed an interest in writing at age 10, and found her favorite genres in dystopian, action, and fantasy. Her goal is to publish at least one stand-alone novel and one trilogy. She also enjoys playing piano and guitar, reading, and listening to music.

Sierra Ruga


Sierra has had an interest in writing for most of her life, but developed a passion for it around the age of 12. She writes mostly short fiction and blog posts, but hopes to publish at least one full-length novel in the future. Her favorite genres to write are Biblical and historical fiction. Sierra is an avid reader, and also enjoys art, playing a variety of instruments, and putting Scripture verses to song.

The Writers: Team Members

English Pursuits is currently seeking to expand its membership

If you are a young writer with complete, short literary works and would like to be considered for membership, please click below and inquire:

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